Imagine Reaching Out

Imagine reaching out with love and peace. Imagine more compassion and empathy in this world. Imagine a more caring, sharing world. The painting is my way of trying to put some positive vibes out there into this increasingly crazy, chaotic, divided world.


Imagine Reaching Out

The trees are symbolically reaching out across the globe with their branches touching ‘as one’ but also providing a slightly ‘chaotic’ look. Words (vibes) have been placed randomly on the land mass.


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The Night Returns


The Night Returns

An imaginary wee nightscape/dreamscape triggered by a Neil Diamond song lyric. Textural effects have been used to create atmosphere.



Stand Together


Stand Together

A wee CD size painting triggered in the wake of the horrific bombing at Manchester Arena. In an increasingly divided, crazy world we need to stand together in unity, peace and love against the madness rather than let hate win. The trees have been used as symbolic of standing together and the blues as a calming colour.



Light in the Gloominess


An atmospheric and imaginative painting triggered by a lyric from Leonard Cohen’s song ‘Anthem’ ie ‘There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.’ The words are a good reminder that no matter how ‘low’ one feels, how despondent one is at the state of the world there is still light out there and it can get in through the cracks in the gloom.

This work in progress shot shows some words (seeds of light) scattered on the ground as a symbolic way of putting some positive vibes out there into this crazy world.


Words of Hope

20170520_192117words of hopeed3web

Words of Hope is about putting positive thought and energy out there, about not giving up hope, about believing! Castlerigg stone circle which we visited many years ago has been used in the foreground area. A quiet, peaceful place. One can imagine standing in the midst of the stone circle sending out positive vibes/thoughts to the world.

It’s one of a series of colourful, vibrant pieces of Voice Art created and exhibited a few years ago. Words of Hope was inspired by hope for a better world where peace, love, understanding, compassion, tolerance, equality and freedom prevail.

This one was filed away with the intention of tweaking certain parts of it before putting it out there again. Years later I’ve finally played around with it.  I added texture by loosely applying inktense pencils to the raised grain of the paper in certain areas. I didn’t want to risk wrecking such a large, detailed piece by sloshing more watercolour paint around. It seems even more relevant to today’s world than when first created so it needs to be shared rather than hidden in the archives.

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Light in the Sadness

Light in the Sadnessres 

Light in the Sadness was triggered by listening to ‘Blackstar’ along with other David Bowie albums for many, many hours in the days following news of his death. In the midst of the sadness his evocative music brought me ‘light’ and inspiration. However, there’s more behind the painting than sadness at the passing of a major music hero. It’s also about the struggle to find a way through depression whether that be via music or communing with nature or whatever helps one find some ‘light’ during darker times.

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