Belong to Mother Nature!


Belong to Mother Nature is a mandala triggered by concern for our planet. Protect, conserve, rewild, respect, appreciate, connect, care, explore and discover!


Save Our Future! The clock is ticking…

‘Save Our Future!‘ was triggered by concern for what we are doing to our planet. We should be the guardians of the future not it’s destroyers! We should have been conserving and protecting the wildlife and their habitats, our forests and seas. Instead we’re polluting the seas and oceans, the air that we breathe, bringing species to the brink of extinction, destroying habitats and ecosystems, allowing deforestation on a vast scale, over populating, over consuming resources at unsustainable levels, accelerating climate change and disturbing the natural balance. We have only 12 years left to try and limit climate change/global warming. The clock is ticking….
Save Our Future! can be found on my website and in my Artfinder Store.

Some Abstract Moments

Finally a new blog! It’s been a long time coming! So let’s start by sharing the start of a new series of experimental semi abstract paintings using watercolours, mixed media and texture to create atmosphere and mood. Wee moments in time inspired by music,  special places, moods and feelings. It’ll be interesting to see where my music muses lead me with this series….

abstract moments collage

Enjoy the moments sold shortly after listing and was the first sale of 2019.  The wee CD size paintings Under A Blue Moon and Sea Drift are available via my Folksy  shop.


Imagine Reaching Out

Imagine reaching out with love and peace. Imagine more compassion and empathy in this world. Imagine a more caring, sharing world. The painting is my way of trying to put some positive vibes out there into this increasingly crazy, chaotic, divided world.


Imagine Reaching Out

The trees are symbolically reaching out across the globe with their branches touching ‘as one’ but also providing a slightly ‘chaotic’ look. Words (vibes) have been placed randomly on the land mass.


More details can be found on Artfinder

Stand Together


Stand Together

A wee CD size painting triggered in the wake of the horrific bombing at Manchester Arena. In an increasingly divided, crazy world we need to stand together in unity, peace and love against the madness rather than let hate win. The trees have been used as symbolic of standing together and the blues as a calming colour.



Light in the Gloominess


The Light in the Gloominess diptych was triggered by a lyric from Leonard Cohen’s song ‘Anthem’ ie ‘There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.’ The words are a good reminder that no matter how ‘low’ one feels, how despondent one is at the state of the world there is still light out there and it can get in through the cracks in the gloom.

This work in progress shot shows some words (seeds of light) scattered on the ground as a symbolic way of putting some positive vibes out there into this crazy world.